Kids These Days

What Henry and Pippa would look like if Henry were an adult. And a Lab.

Not knowing quite how to use the word savage in relation to the canines in question, I went to my mom and sister. Sarah, visiting from Los Angeles, where she is a middle school teacher, informed me that the slang version of the word means brutally awesome, as in, “The way you told him off was savage.” Okay!

I’m not exaggerating: Pippa and Henry spend around 6-8 hours of the day asleep!

Doesn’t all of that energy need to go somewhere? Yes it does, and it’s spent in what Mom calls “the witching hour.” Luckily I’m in bed watching TV by seven, but from the other side of the house I can hear them playing. Think of hearing two six-year-old boys roughhousing. Then it stops. Pippa has given Henry the savage look. The look that says, “I’m bigger. I’m stronger. When I say it’s time to stop, you stop.”

As a big sister, I agree with Pippa. Sometimes they just need to be put in their place.