Famous Last Words

“When are Grammie and Grampie going to be home?” Henry asked.

“Soon, hurry up, Henry! We’ll both would get in trouble, and I told you I wanted no part in this caper,” Pippa said, drumming her claws.

“Would you lighten up? Don’t you realize what today is?” Henry said, pointing to Grammie’s laptop.

Pippa rolled her brown eyes. “Yes, Henry, you’ve told me. It’s Amazon Prime day.” She rolled her eyes again.

“I told you we can get some new toys!” Henry said, pointing to their now-deflated, now-decapitated, previously-Fez-wearing bear, a victim of an exceptionally vigorous tug-of-war match. “And Grammie and Grampie will be so happy that we saved them some money! You watch: they’ll thank us! Okay, now on to checkout. I told you it’d be fine!”

With his Fez and his yellow bow tie, Bear was quite handsome in his heyday. Having a head helped, too.

The next morning…

“Gary, I got a shipping confirmation from Amazon. Why did you order two hundred dollars’ worth of dog toys?!”

Pesky Little Brothers

When you think of siblings, (I guess Pippa is Henry’s aunt, but they’re so close in age they count as siblings), you think of rivalries, bickering, and tattling. Being from a family of three girls, I speak from experience.

As the oldest, I know how annoying younger siblings can be. Pippa deserves the “Henry Tolerance Award!” Even as his mother, I will say that he can get, let’s just say, trying.

But Pippa is a saint. She would let her little brother win at anything. Playing rope, instead of letting instinct overcome her, the sweet dog literally lets go of the purple tether, letting her little brother think he won.


I don’t know if dogs’ minds work like that, but Henry believes it.