Good Enough

Nobody likes to be called shallow, concerned with appearance, superficial. But I guess we are all shallow in some way, me included. We have to have the newest and best iPhone as soon as it comes out, and depending on its features, we’re willing wait for days in long lines for it. What was wrong with the old one? The screen was worn, maybe? Or now they offer it in rose gold?

Here are some of Henry and Pippa’s favorite toys. Are they tattered, worn, seen better days? Yes, yes, and yes. Are they still loved and still good enough? Yes, and yes.




That’s what I love about dogs. Even if they knew there were better toys out there, they’d still be happy with what they have. And regarding their people, they don’t care about anything–not your hair, your clothes, or your phone. They love you for you.

Maybe we could learn something from our canine friends.